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Inauguration of the New Abidjan Dai Dojo in Africa
On March 14 and 15, 2009, the ceremony to inaugurate the new Abidjan Dai Dojo in Ivory Coast, Africa, was successfully held. A member from New York was able to attend this very auspicious event and submitted the following report:
More than a thousand people attended the ceremony each day. Both ceremonies were extremely amazing, emotional, and absolutely unforgettable.
Hadife Shidobucho, the director of the Europe-Africa region, was Oshienushisama's representative at the ceremony. It was wonderful and emotional, because it was Mrs. Francoise Hadife and her family who brought Mahikari to Africa, to Abidjan, thirty-five years ago.
People attended from many countries in Africa as well as overseas, including Senegal, Angola, Cameroon, Ghana, Benin, Sierra Leone, and South Africa, as well as a few who traveled from overseas to attend, including from North America, France, Belgium, and Japan.
The acting Oshienushisama sent a message for the ceremony in which he spoke of the history of Mahikari in Africa. In 1973, Sukuinushisama traveled to Europe to connect the spiritual worlds of the East and the West. After that, the Light of God spread, and in 1975 a center was started in Abidjan, which became a dai dojo in five years. The acting Oshienushisama also noted in his message that the Mahikari Youth Group was at the heart of expansion activities in Africa and that he hopes they will continue to be at the forefront of expansion.
Director of the Abidjan Dai Dojo, Mr. Ody-Marc Duclos, said at the ceremony that members must not relax now that the building has been successfully completed and inaugurated, but, rather, from now on members must work to fill the dojo with spiritual contents and to show their gratitude to God for this blessing in action.

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