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Science and Sukyo Mahikari: 9th Regional Kamikumite Scholars Seminar

The North American Region Kamikumite Scholars Group was formed in 2000 by headquarters staff to foster a small group of kamikumite from around the region working in science and research professions who would commit to meeting regularly for two main purposes: (1) to become people of Light who can elevate spiritually and positively influence others in their profession and society; and (2) who can become true practitioners of the art of True Light and the divine principles who can be given inspiration from God to develop their fields into spiritual science. The 9th meeting of this group was held February 25-March 1, 2009, at Sukyo Mahikari North American regional headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.


Enjoyable conversations about both our work and our expansion efforts took place throughout the weekend. At the opening session, an announcement was made that the members' newsletter section of the regional Sukyo Mahikari website Sales and Publications Corner in February's newsletter features inexpensive pamphlets as well as special-interest-oriented brochures for talking about Sukyo Mahikari with others.


We received a wonderful study session from Regional Director Fujisaki about the New Year's Message and the Spring Grand Ceremony teaching given by the acting Oshienushisama for 2009. Our regional director said that these are very significant teachings for the whole year. The divine plan moves forward significantly with this year, especially, as it is the 50th year of Sukyo Mahikari, saying that we kamikumite need to keep up with the divine plan and make very good spiritual progress. These professionals' conferences are not held in order to create new work techniques but for us to become God-centered so we can be used by God. In order for us to grow spiritually, God is working hard to help us keep up by granting us lots of Light and purification to be ready to welcome the 50th Anniversary Ceremony in November.


The three essential points our regional director wants to emphasize from the teaching for this year are:

  1. Become true yokoshi.
  2. Joyfully offer service to God. Cultivate the spirit of service.
  3. Become experts in the practice of the art of True Light.


1. Become true yokoshi: In the Spring Grand Ceremony teaching for this year, the acting Oshienushisama spoke of the spiritual significance of the North American continent and said that the United States should become a leader in the spiritual reformation of the world. This is a huge message and a hugely important mission. And for this reason, God trains us. It is important to go through these cleansings with this understanding and with a strong foundation in practicing the divine principles. A yokoshi is a person who radiates positive energy/vibration. Tests and trials are difficult. Yet they are presents from God, so, nevertheless, be grateful. Everything we go through in life is for the better. A person's confidence in God, his or her faith in God, is important. We have to receive many tests to grow spiritually. God is rushing this year to help us become true yokoshi, since it is the 50th year.


2. Sasete itadakimasu: Find and nourish in your heart the feelings of joy and willingness in service.


3. Become experts in the practice the art of True Light. By giving Light, we work for God. The acting Oshienushisama used the words " all-out effort": " It is important that we make an all-out effort to become pioneers of the art of True Light." Always keep a card or pamphlet and be ready to say: "Would you like to try?" Even though we are busy we make time to eat, to take a shower – make it the same for giving Light and reading the teachings. President Obama said: "We have hope, if we change." Sukuinushisama said, it is difficult for people to change because they have forgotten about the spiritual realm. Therefore, it is very important to give Light to people which opens up the spiritual dimension, and then the message of change and hope can get through in the world.


Other activities of the seminar included study classes on the art of True Light and observation in the yoko garden and reflection and discussion on spiritual aspects of yoko gardening and experiences we have had with harmonizing with and accepting arrangements in nature. We viewed videos of the movie The Future of Food and also Messages in Water, which shows how research samples of water crystals were collected, photographed, and tested for the effects of various innermost attitudes, showing the impact of the unseen realm on the visible realm. We also studied Sukuinushisama's life and example. He was not half-hearted in any way when it came to God. Why? Because he knew God. His prayer was so connected with this understanding. He was used by God 100%. Every day we should do something to welcome the spiritual civilization. Our responsibility is to figure out what you can offer to each person.


There was a roundtable of reports by the members on our activities in society. One member told of nurturing people in a town six hours away who are eager to receive Light, and other members told of ways they have been talking about the Light and divine principles with colleagues and ways they handled questions. Our regional director enjoyed listening to all our efforts. He said to always keep in our heart how precious the Light of God is, then give little by little. He discussed expansion activities that are being developed around the region and ways he envisions the scholars group members can contribute. For now, his desire is for us to evolve. He recommended that we choose an action that we can all do between now and next year. The members discussed and chose to say a unified prayer every morning and evening. Some members want to give talks during the year, too, and they will let us know how it goes.


This year's seminar was arranged so that everyone could participate in both the Ceremony to Commemorate Sukuinushisama's Holy Birth and the March monthly ceremony at regional headquarters.

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