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Youth Group Coordinators' Conference


In February 2009, the regional and center youth group coordinators participated in a regional conference. We received a wonderful study class from the regional director covering:


  • The acting Oshienushisama's 2009 teaching for the youth – titled, " Resolutely give Light" (published in issue 80 of the Sukyo Mahikari International Journal)
  • "Dreams of Life" – The Holy Words
  • Understanding the missions of Sukyo Mahikari and the youth group
  • The 40th Anniversary of the Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group in 2010


In addition, we studied the art of True Light in a study class on how to locate the basic points. Following this, there were reports on youth group activities.


Each coordinator gave a report on activities being held at their centers. Activities include: overnight activities, all-day Light-giving, pre-youth-group training, marching drills, yoko garden, social activities, community service, expansion activities, buddy system, sunlight children's activity, open house, Light-giving experiments, mural painting, and others. Many coordinators expressed the need to unify and build better relationships with other members, as well as with parents and other members of the center.


We received another wonderful study class from Stratmann Hosa and Kitatani Hosa. They stressed:


  • Having good communication with staff members, local staff, and youth group staff (shidodoshis).
  • The fundamental practices for Youth Group members:

o   Give Light

o   Guide others

o   Marching drills (under direction of staff)

o   Service at the dojo

o   Community service

o   Social activities

o   Preparing for the 50th Anniversary ceremony in 2009 and the Parade of Light (Gokoetsu) in 2010

o   Purpose of the Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group. Strive to do one of these three:

·         Go to the training institute to become a doshi

·         Become a local staff

·         Become an expert in your field of study

o   The importance of having goals

o   Manners and etiquette – be responsible for our words and actions

o   Your ability to lead will determine how you will be able to help expansion.

o   The spirit of offering service – be an example to others

o   Pure love


Our Individual Resolution for 2009:

  • Each coordinator offered their individual resolution for 2009.
  • The regional director stressed the fact that we should all make concrete goals, something that we can measure.


Goals for the Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group of the North American Region for 2009:

  1. Strive to give Light to at least 4,000 people per month.
  2. Each member should make every effort to guide at least one person.
  3. 10% of members should elevate their Omitama.

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