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Spirituality in Society: A Lecture Series in San Francisco
A major aim of the yoko civilization (spirit-centered civilization) that Sukuinushisama envisioned is for spirituality to be incorporated into every field of human endeavor. North America is at an exciting point in our regional planning where we are able to begin activities in society that aim to foster increased spiritual development in various fields. One example has been taking place in San Francisco, where a lecture series has begun, for guests of members, on a spiritual approach in various professional arenas.
The events take place at the San Francisco Union Square Center of Sukyo Mahikari, a site inaugurated in 2008 and designed by the San Francisco center for such events and other activities to spread spirituality in society.
The lectures are each given by a panel consisting of a professional kamikumite from the North American region plus our regional director. These events are different from introductory talks about the art of True Light. So far, the series has included:
  • Spirituality in Education: The direction for youth in the new century
    (November 2008)
  • Spirituality in Medicine: Advancing the practice of healthcare along the continuum
    (January 2009)
  • Spirituality in the Environment: Cultivate your passion for coexisting with nature
    (March 2009)
The North American regional headquarters would like to continue to develop more innovative activities like this around the region.

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