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Message from Regional Director Masaaki Fujisaki
The North American regional headquarters received a question and a request for clarification concerning Sukyo Mahikari's position on politics. The question came up because the acting Oshienushisama has spoken about the election of Barack Obama as the first African-American US president and Mr. Obama's messages concerning the urgency of addressing the problems facing current society and the need to bring about change. Some kamikumite who didn't vote for the current administration wondered if this means that our organization is promoting a specific political party or agenda. When I about heard this, I thought that there could be more kumite who have the same question or concern, so I would like to clarify Sukyo Mahikari's position on politics.
Sukyo Mahikari does not support any particular political party. At the second convention for practitioners of the divine principles, the acting Oshienushisama said that we can support politicians of any party when they do things in harmony with God's will. It is vital that each of us as kamikumite participate in the political process as a citizen of our society. It is our responsibility to be aware of issues and positions and make our best choices based on what we think is best for the country and the world. Members of Sukyo Mahikari are blessed to have an understanding of the divine plan and the universal principles, which help us to know why things are unfolding as they are in today's world. Therefore, it is up to each of us to use our vote to support candidates who have positions and policies that we feel are most in harmony with the current progression of the divine plan. Kamikumite, and indeed all of humankind, have been described in the divine teachings as similar to a multi-colored tapestry, where every individual's unique character and skills contribute valuably to the beauty of the whole.
My understanding is that the acting Oshienushisama referred to the President in the teachings to acknowledge the historic significance of this election as well as the extraordinary times we are living in. In the Spring Grand Ceremony teaching, the acting Oshienushisama helped us to understand God's message concerning change, which is that all humankind needs to change from a material-centered way of life to a spirit-centered way of life. This is a divine teaching and has nothing to do with what political party we may be affiliated with.
In addition, the acting Oshienushisama also has been encouraging us so much, especially those of us living in North America, to rise up so that we can become leaders in bringing about the change that is so necessary to see God's plan for a civilization of global peace and happiness achieved. Our region was a leader in the development of materials in the water age and this was a wonderful thing. However, we are now in the age of baptism by fire, so these recent messages are guidance by the acting Oshienushisama that there is reason for hope and that if enough people in our region awaken and truly change ourselves, we then can have a great impact on changing the world and in helping God establish the spiritual civilization.
When it comes to politics and politicians, the principle of balance is always functioning throughout the universe. Therefore, regardless of our party affiliation, if we wish to welcome high-quality politicians who are in harmony with the divine principles, it is imperative for us to continue to elevate our own spiritual levels. In this way, our daily practice of the divine principles and the art of True Light are essential to bringing about the change in this world that the Creator God, the principal deities, and our spiritual masters want.
At the same time, because we are no longer in the age of separation, a time when divisiveness and conflict were the norms, an important way to tune in with Su God and the principal deities is to always issue positive vibrations as much as possible. In this way we can easily avoid issuing vibrations of conflict, which only add to the spiritual impurity of the world and lead to further cleansing and compensation phenomena. Even though we may disagree with someone based on our understanding of the divine principles, we always try our best to never judge the person or issue any other negative vibrations. As the founder, Sukuinushisama, explained in the teachings, "True individualism means to always consider the whole and respect the rights of individuals."
Thank you very much for your service.

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