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Detroit Center Offers Community Service

In the spring and summer of 2008, members of the Detroit center went to three parks in the city to offer community service. We cleaned the environment and gave Light to the area. The photos of members accompanying this article are in one of the parks that needed cleaning, Belle Isle.
We were able to make it into a fun and happy experience for all involved. Afterward, we have been more unified because of this experience. The members who went to Belle Isle all belong to the same group, and now we make more efforts to give each other Light and we support group meetings at our group coordinator's home.

Also in 2008, members of the Detroit center were able to join the cleaning day organized by Shelby Township in Macomb County, Michigan. We received a certificate from the local government for the work we did there. In 2009, we are going to Shelby Township again on April 11 to clean. The city provides orange vests, bags for collecting trash, and a required video on safety.

As part of this program in Shelby Township, we will be adopting a mile-long road to clean. Adopt-a road opportunities are popping up all over the country, where individuals and groups take responsibility for beautifying a particular area by picking up trash regularly. After we adopt a road for a year, our mile of the road will have a sign placed on it saying, "This road is adopted by Sukyo Mahikari," to acknowledge our Earth-friendly efforts and our pride in and contributions to our community.

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