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Sales and Publications
Thank you all for your continuing efforts to introduce people to Sukyo Mahikari!

In order to assist you, we are pleased to offer promotional brochures and T-shirts. Please contact the department of Sales and Publications at your center to order. No minimum purchase required. Bulk sales are also available.

Item #2092 "Welcome" - 10 cents each
Item #2093 "Serving the community" - 10 cents each

Brochures #2092-2093 have 6 sides, folded into the cover shown in the photo.
  • "Welcome" is an invitation to the Light and teachings and tells people what to expect when they visit a center.
  • "Serving the Community" highlights Sukyo Mahikari's commitment to community service and describes several of Sukyo Mahikari's activities to participate in the community both in the North American region and abroad.

  • Item #2095
      "Introduction" - 25 cents each
    Item #2096
      "Economics" - 30 cents each
    Item #2097
      "Environment and Nature" - 30 cents each
    Item #2098
      "Science and Medicine" - 30 cents each
    Item #2099
      "Spiritual Education" - 30 cents each
    Booklets #2095-2099 have 8 sides, folded into the cover shown in the photo, and are produced on sturdier paper. Recycled paper and soy-based ink are used.
    The organization of Sukyo Mahikari is intended to foster spirituality in all fields of society. You can use these booklets to provide a more focused introduction to Sukyo Mahikari to people in specific fields. These booklets are designed as a set, which you can carry together in your own file folder or slipcase. Each booklet is also available individually.
    Please don't keep this information to yourself! Let's spread the Light and teachings to other spiritually related souls. Thank you very much!
    By popular demand, T-shirts are now available! Take a look at the photos to see how great they look! Our T-shirts are 100% organic cotton, with Sukyo Mahikari and our North American region tag lines printed in water-based ink.

    Women's: sizes S, M, L, XL. $10
    Men's: sizes M, L, and XL $8, XXL $10
    Children's: sizes XS (6-8), S (8-10), M (10-12), L (12-14), XL (14-16) $8

    All prices include shipping and handling (sales tax additional, where applicable).

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