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Seattle Center Faces Unusual Snows
At the end of 2008, the Puget Sound area of western Washington was hit with much more snow than is typical for December in this part of the North American region.  We had to come face to face with how unprepared our state is for such conditions—Washington State has fewer than 75 plows for the entire state. We members of the Seattle Jun Dojo became so aware of how we have taken Su God’s blessings for granted. 

The snows made us all reflect on the reminders in the teachings about the changing or unusual weather patterns that are cleansing the earth and that people will see phenomena that normally have occurred only every 100 or 1,000 years. 
All the center’s members were grateful for the efforts of our emergency preparedness coordinator as we faced days of being unable to drive, as often even putting chains on our tires proved insufficient to allow our cars to move. We also witnessed so many acts of kindness where neighbors looked out for each other. There were instances of people with trucks pulling cars out of the snow and onto flat, drivable roads. Neighbors who could get around offered to go to the store for other neighbors. People truly opened their hearts with kind consideration. We were allowed to witness such positive energy in our communities, and we were grateful.
One member thought everything would be fine for their family as their home has a generator that turns on when there are power outages. The member laughed when telling the story that their power was indeed fine but a water pipe burst—one cleansing and training that the generator could not overcome! The lesson is there is always more you can do to be prepared.  We thank Su God for all His precious arrangements.

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