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2009 Message to All Members from the Regional Director

Happy New Year!

This new year of 2009 is one of great significance for the world, as the Mahikari organization marks 50 years since Su God allowed it to come into existence along with the art of True Light. To be allowed to be a kamikumite during the first 50 years of the Mahikari organization is an incomparable blessing, which your soul has awaited since the ancient divine era. It will be exciting for all of us to participate in the changes that may occur in the world as kamikumite for the next 50 years.
In addition, 2009 marks 35 years since Sukuinushisama ascended to the divine world to continue helping to accomplish the divine plan. In North America, 2009 marks the 35th anniversary of our region, and we at regional headquarters plan to work together with all staff and kamikumite of the region to ride the waves of Light, hope, and positive change that have already begun and introduce the Light and teachings to as many people as possible.
Toward that goal, last year, we completely redesigned this website, with an eye to making it a beautiful, friendly, and useful tool you can use to share comfortably with others. In this holy month, we are starting up the Members’ Newsletter section of the website again as a way for regional headquarters to communicate news and happenings related to the region to all kamikumite. Please come back to check this website section every month for news and current information we will provide for you.
In this issue, for example, we feature the Seattle center’s experience of unusual snows this winter, the innermost attitude with which the members faced them, and spiritual arrangements they received. In the Sales and Publications corner this month, we are showcasing Sukyo Mahikari brochures that you can give to others, as well as the newly available Sukyo Mahikari T-shirts. Starting in March, we will also have a Youth Corner, highlighting the inspiration young Sukyo Mahikari members are being vitalized with as the world changes and they are able to make positive contributions to that change, inspiring all of us with great ideas for our own efforts.
We can be so grateful to be members of Sukyo Mahikari at this powerful turning point in history. Your being allowed to serve Su God as a kamikumite at this moment in history is nothing short of a great divine blessing. Please know that I deeply appreciate your sincere and devoted efforts to be a person of Light, wherever you are in daily life, as it has never been more important to inspire many more spiritually related people who we meet in daily life to find the path of active compensation and elevating the innermost attitude through the Light, divine principles, and service to Su God.
I pray for your continued service and happiness.

Yours truly,
Masaaki Fujisaki
Regional Director

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