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Follow-up on Environmental Activities
On October 24, youth group members in eight centers all across the North American region organized activities to clean the environment and promote environmental awareness in their communities - with the goal to unify with millions of people in more than 170 countries around the world who were doing similar things in order to show world leaders that the people of the world want them to take concrete action to save planet earth!
Sukuinushisama spoke out about the need to take action to save the earth from the earliest days of our organization, and the sincerity of the members who participated in the activities on October 24 showed their sincerity to God and the future of our planetary habitat.
We would like to thank all the members who participated. Here are some photos of them happily taking part in the following activities:
  • Chicago: Street cleanup at the Willis Tower, North America's tallest building, including giving Light to purify the area. The members had lunch by the river and gave each other Light. In the afternoon, environmental educational materials were displayed at the center to promote awareness among members and guests who visited the center.
  • California: San Clemente beach cleanup by members from Los Angeles, Torrance, and Pasadena, including giving Light to purify the area. They strove to pick up at least 350 pieces of trash and said positive words, such as "thank you," each time they picked up a piece of trash so that it would become 350 positive vibrations.
  • Atlanta: A climate awareness event and potluck lunch for the community was held at the center, followed by a walk to Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve, with members and families carrying banners to raise awareness about the importance of bringing carbon in the atmosphere down to 350 parts per million. Members gave Light to purify the area spiritually.
  • Puerto Rico: Beach cleanup at Ocean Park, including prayers of apology for polluting the earth and Light-giving to purify the area spiritually.
  • New York: Tree-planting in Marine Park with Million Trees NYC. Members joined this city-wide program to plant trees at the biggest park in Brooklyn, sharing their skills in planting trees with others, and giving Light both to the trees and to purify the area spiritually.
  • San Francisco: Cleanup at a playground near the center and giving Light to purify the area spiritually. In the afternoon, members joined a rally for 350 at Embarcadero in downtown San Francisco.
  • Phoenix: Environmental open house at the center with presentations about the environment and an educational video. A guest who found the Phoenix activity on the website turned out to be a seasoned expert in the area and he was invited to give one of the presentations at the center's activity!
  • Seattle: Hosted a "Hummingbird Activity" where members picked up trash in the neighborhood around the center and gave Light to purify the area spiritually. A sustainable lunch was hosted in the center afterward, using ingredients grown locally in Washington State or bought from local businesses.

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