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Season's Greetings from Regional Headquarters!
As the year 2009 draws to a close, all of us at regional headquarters are reflecting on what a special year it has been - the 50th anniversary of Sukyo Mahikari, the 35th anniversary of Sukuinushisama's ascension to the divine realm, the 25th anniversary of the inauguration of Suza, the 35th anniversary of the North American region, and the inauguration of several new dojos in our region. 2009 has also become the momentous year when we were granted the appointment of the third Oshienushisama. The bells of the arrival of the spirit-centered civilization are ringing strong and clear. Together with you, we are looking forward to the new year and many new opportunities and new avenues to share the Light that we have been granted from the Creator with many more people.
For now, let us enjoy the last weeks of December and the season's joys. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful holiday season with your families and all the others who are close to you. Yokoshi kamikumite, who follow the path of God, can make this a very positive time of year by practicing the teachings and deepening their heart of following a spirit-centered lifestyle, experiencing the joy and renewal of being connected with God in every moment.
Please enjoy spreading your love and the fruits of your spiritual growth of this year with those around you. Please make some time as well to reflect on all you have accomplished this year, whether at work or school, in the community and in your family, whether in overcoming cleansings with the practice of the divine principles or in taking new steps on the path of growing closer to God. Take some time during this season to read divine books and journals. When the dojos are closed, let us remain connected with each other in spirit, and let us come together again in January refreshed and renewed for the activities ahead. Please accept our sincere gratitude for all your efforts and your service.
Regional Director M. Fujisaki and all the staff of North American Regional Headquarters

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