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Washington DC Members Give Light at the Montgomery County Festival
On October 11, 2009, members of the Washington DC center had the wonderful opportunity of participating in the second annual "World of Montgomery" Festival in Wheaton, Maryland, a nearby suburb of Washington DC. The World of Montgomery Festival celebrates the diverse heritages of the people who live in Montgomery County communities. The festival was sponsored by a coalition of county and city agencies, the U.S. Census, and many local businesses and
nonprofit organizations. The festival featured music and dance performances by county-based artists, international food and craft vendors, booths from several embassies based in Washington DC, and a hands-on cultural education area.
Two members of the Washington DC center, a husband and wife, who live in Maryland, learned of the upcoming festival and provided the funds for our booths. Another member coordinated the logistics, including getting chairs to and from the event in a member's truck and letting the rest of the members of the center know where and when they could come offer Light.
It was an amazing day! Twenty-two members were able to give Light to 145 people in about five hours. We had 14 pairs of chairs set up for giving Light, and sometimes we even gave up our chairs so that visitors could sit. We only had time to give Number Eight most of the day. For the greater part of the day the chairs were all filled, and there were more people waiting to receive Light.
The members who participated were vitalized by being able to give Light to people in the community. We have read the teaching and heard about places in the world where people were so open that they line up to receive Light, but this was the first experience most of us have had of something like that. It was truly incredible! When we left, we were buzzing from all the Light we were able to give.
We were so grateful that we were able to participate in this wonderful event with our fellow center members. We plan to join this event next year and are already exploring other settings where we can give Light sooner. We pray that we can give Light all around the Washington DC area and bring the Light, teachings, and the opportunity to take the spiritual development course to hundreds and thousands of our neighbors.

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