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Letter from the Regional Director:
An Announcement of Momentous Significance
Sukuinushisama rose up to start the Mahikari organization in 1959 by himself and carried out his missions to establish and spread the Light and teachings of God with steadfast devotion. Since June 23, 1974, when Sukuinushisama ascended to the divine spiritual world, the second Oshienushisama has given teachings, prepared holy objects, and completed the four magnificent holy works of constructing Suza (the World Shrine), Hikaru Shinden (the shrine of Light dedicated to Sukuinushisama),
Hikaru Memorial Museum, and the Sukyo Mahikari Youth Hall. Constructing even one of these great sites would be a major achievement of a lifetime; however, the second Oshienushisama persevered in all her missions with determination and devotion and completed all four holy sites, thus forming the spiritual pattern of the Kingdom of God. The second Oshienushisama was permitted to carry out the ceremony for the succession of her missions to Mr. Koya Okada on June 23, 2009, at Hidama Motomitamaza in Atami.
On November 1st, the second Oshienushisama bestowed the Omitama prepared for the 3rd Oshienushisama to Mr. Koya Okada. We now refer to Mr. Koya Okada, who was formerly known as "the acting Oshienushisama" and as "Odairisama," as "Oshienushisama." Mr. Okada has been given the new name of Kō-ō. It was also revealed that he has been given a new divine name -- "Seishin." We will now refer to the second Oshienushisama as "Seishusama."
These announcements were made before the start of the 50th Anniversary Autumn Grand Ceremony at Suza. Truly, our organization is now well into the third stage of its development.
On November 1st and 2nd, following days of unusual warmth and dry weather, it rained profusely in Takayama. Then, on the night of November 2nd, there were unusual autumn snows, covering the fields and the glorious autumn colors of the trees. The morning of November 3rd dawned with pure white snowflakes continuing to fall from the skies.
Oshienushisama told the senior staff members that this snow indicated "purity" and that we are now going to make a fresh step on the path of accomplishing the divine plan.
In the photograph accompanying this letter, you can see the wonderful poster designed for the 50th Anniversary Autumn Grand Ceremony displayed on the front of Suza and all around the city of Takayama. After the ceremony, congratulatory messages were given by a former prime minister of Japan, members of Parliament, world religious leaders, the mayor of Takayama, and many others, all warmly thanking Seishusama and Oshienushisama for their support and kindness over the past 50 years and wishing for Sukyo Mahikari's further expansion.
Oshienushisama gave a powerful teaching, followed by artistic presentations by members from six continents, showcasing many cultures of Sukyo Mahikari's one million members, including North America's successful and well-received presentation of Aaron Copland's "Rodeo."Afterward, the third Oshienushisama escorted Seishusama into the Royal Box to receive everyone's heartfelt gratitude and love.
Both Seishusama and Oshienushisama radiated Light to the ceremony participants, who applauded thunderously to express our strong support for Oshienushisama and our deep gratitude to Seishusama for her great guidance and hard work for so many years. When it came time for the curtains on the Royal Box to close, Seishusama came forward in the Royal Box and bowed deeply toward everyone.
As we left the 50th anniversary celebrations at Suza, we all strongly felt even more that we are the representatives of Seishusama and Oshienushisama in our daily lives wherever we live, and that it is our joyous mission to help them bring as many people as possible to the path toward the spiritually centered civilization. Here in North America, where our mission to help God seems all the more necessary, let us resolve to support Su God, Sukuinushisama, Seishusama, and Oshienushisama even more in the coming year.

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