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Global Climate Week and Sukyo Mahikari
Global Climate Week (, sponsored by the United Nations Worldwide Campaign on Climate Change, and Climate Week NYC ( were held in New York City from September 20-25 as world leaders converged on New York for the opening sessions of the 64th United Nations General Assembly, followed by travel to Pittsburgh for the G-20 economic meetings. For one whole week, the eyes of the world
were on New York City and on climate change. Business leaders, environmental organizations, media, and citizens, plus more than 100 world leaders were in one city at the same time.

During this week, just 70 days before UN meetings in Copenhagen, Denmark, will debate uniting to sign a climate treaty to replace the expiring Kyoto Protocol, a series of events, lectures, film premieres, and concerts took place. There were also high-level meetings going on. The future of our planet is at a critical point, as we know, and Sukyo Mahikari was proud to be part of the events in New York. Members volunteered to help stuff press kits for the TckTckTck campaign ( and
In addition, the Sukyo Mahikari organization participated in invitation-only meetings. On Monday, September 21, the UN-designated International Day of Peace, Sukyo Mahikari representatives were invited to a Global Interfaith Gathering held in the United Nations Chapel. This meeting was organized by Religions for Peace (the world's largest and broadest inter-religious consortium), the Committee of Religious NGOs at the United Nations, the Office of the Chaplaincy, and NY Interfaith Power and Light in cooperation with the Global Campaign for Climate Action. On Wednesday, September 23, a conference of the same senior religious leaders was held, and Sukyo Mahikari was again invited to send a representative.
At these high-level meetings, major leaders of the world's religious and indigenous traditions from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America shared their perspectives with the other faith communities around the world, as represented by the delegations of religious leaders coming to New York. We from Sukyo Mahikari were deeply impressed by the earnest desire of these high-level religious figures to unite with all other religious voices in their commitment to this key issue of preserving our planet. They humbly and sincerely spoke of the importance of reviving the original spirit of their teachings in order to accomplish this critical mission. An assistant secretary-general of the United Nations, who participated in these meetings, spoke of the power of the spiritual traditions, which predated all the world's countries, to remind people of the truth in all teachings of the sacredness of our beautiful blue planet Earth.
We in Sukyo Mahikari pray to harmonize with the teachings of our spiritual masters by continuing to join with all other people of good faith in these efforts.

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