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Seattle Youth Group Activity with the Seattle Mariners!

About every three months, the Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group in Seattle organizes a social/expansion activity where members get together outside of the center. This gives us an opportunity to strengthen our friendships, invite friends to introduce them to Sukyo Mahikari, and also have a fun time! During the month of August, twenty-three members, including parents, siblings, and even four guests, gathered together at Seattle's Safeco Field to cheer on our beloved baseball team, the Mariners!

The day was bright and sunny, perfect baseball-watching weather. The smell of garlic fries and Cracker Jacks wafted through the air as we gathered in front of the center field gates to take group photos. Everyone was excited to be there, even the little kids. Parents were dressed in Mariners t-shirts, and kids argued about who would get to hold the sign they made the week before at the youth group overnight activity that said, "We LOVE the Mariners! Especially Ichiro and Johjima!" (two world-class players). We sat all
together in the left field bleachers, sign unfurled, ready to jump up at a moment's notice to see if the cameras would show us on the big screen in center field. We appeared twice!!

The Mariners ended up winning that day, 11-2, against the Tampa Bay Rays. Perhaps it was skill; perhaps it was that God's Light was present at Safeco Field that day. Either way, all members and guests had a great time together and were thankful for the opportunity to spend quality time with fellow youth group members, families, and friends.

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