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Emergency Preparedness through Camping Activity
The Seattle Jun Dojo held its 2nd Annual Emergency Preparedness Camping Activity from August 22-23 at the Burlington-Anacortes KOA campgrounds, with its spectacular Pacific Northwest scenery, creeks, meadows, and wildlife, including bald eagles, the US national bird. Twenty-five people participated in the activity, with ages ranging from 5 to 72 years old.

The purpose of the camping activity was for members to gain experience in setting up tents, and testing out their emergency supplies and equipment that are in their backpacks. Things we did included:

  • Testing our water purification systems
  • Learning how to make a fire without the use of matches
  • Preparing and eating our emergency foods
  • Learning about and using two-way radios for emergency communication
  • Learning first aid in a demonstration conducted by a certified paramedic
  • Learning how to chop wood for fire-making
The other purpose of the camp out was to have fun and unite with one another. Activities included games for children, cooking various foods other than emergency foods, cycling, and hiking through the camps along creek trails.
We believe this camping activity has increased everyone's emergency preparedness awareness even more by using their own equipment and supplies.

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